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Cooking at home saves you money!

Cooking at home saves you money!

October 20, 2016
You probably know that home cooking is healthier and less expensive than eating out.  But finding time to meal plan, grocery shop and prepare meals can be difficult if you're working full time. While a personal chef would be nice, that can be a little pricey. But there are other services that are not quite so expensive!
Companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Plated will do the meal planning and grocery shopping for you. And they provide detailed recipe cards with step-by-step instructions, photos and helpful tips so even the most novice cook will find courage to try their hand at cooking. Choose the number of meals you want delivered each week, add your preferences and sit back and wait for your first meal box to be delivered!

And even if you're single, you can benefit. Usually each meal makes 2 servings, so invite a friend over to share or take the leftovers for lunch the next day at work!  Bottom line is that these services can help you with developing a habit of cooking each night which will save you money and improve your health.
I've tried Blue Apron for a month now and found their recipes not only delicious, but very easy to follow. The produce is always fresh and crisp.  And when I get home, the question isn't "What's for dinner" but "Should we have Seared Salmon and Miso Soba noodles or Summer Vegetable and Queso Tostadas?"  I chose Blue Apron over the other services because the menu is a bit more diverse and I love to try new tastes. Also, they have a useful comment section on their website for each recipe. I enjoyed reading the tips and feedback from other subscribers who had already cooked the meals.  Unlike most comment sections on websites, these are actually useful!

But don't take my word for it, see which service is right for you with this review of 3 of the most popular services - Blue Apron, Plated and Hello Fresh.

TIP:  Before signing up, ask your friends if they are using any of the services. Blue Apron allows current subscribers to send free meals to friends so they can try it out!

And if you prefer to do your own grocery shopping, a meal plan service might be all you need to get you started. eMeals provides just that for as little as $5/month.

Whether you try one of these services or simply do your own meal planning and grocery shopping, cooking fresh food for your family is the best way to save money and keep your loved one's healthy. Save the restaurants for a treat and use those dollars you've saved for one of your financial goals!